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Recruitment management & video interview collaboration software

Interview Coordinator is the ultimate applicant tracking and recruitment management solution. It will streamline your entire recruitment process and is specifically designed to help the people responsible for recruitment decisions to find, track, select and hire the best people for their vacancies.

It is a professional, low cost, pay as you use system which will make your recruitment and interview process more efficient and cost effective.

Better software will help you manage recruitment more efficiently

Let us show you how Interview Coordinator will help you recruit the best people for your vacancies more efficiently.

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Easily the best value recruitment software on the market

Take a quick tour and discover how Interview Coordinator will not only save you time and money, but also help make better hiring decisions

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Tailored solutions to match your recruitment processes

One size software does not fit all. We will make Interview Coordinator match your preferred recruitment process, not the other way round.

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